Advantages of investing in apartments for rent Burgas for profit and recreation
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Advantages of investing in apartments for rent Burgas for profit and recreation

Apartments for rent BurgasThe main criterion for choosing apartments for rent Burgas is the location to the sea

Clean beaches, charming landscapes and affordable rental of real estate - this is Burgas. A modern city, an industrial center and a popular resort takes about a hundred thousand tourists a year. You can find a rest for every taste here and at the most attractive prices in Europe. Tourists prefer to rent apartments in residential complexes in walking distance to the sea. The price for apartments for rent Burgas depends on the area and location to the sea.

Prices for apartments for rent Burgas

Guests of the city prefer to rent an apartment from a week to a month. Some come for a whole summer. The average cost of renting an apartment is 200 euros per month. There are also cheaper offers, but this increases the distance to the sea. Elite and luxurious apartments cost up to 1000 euros per month. Many people come here to weekend and rent a property for a few days. The cost of renting an apartment per day is from 20 euros.

Is it worth investing in apartments for rent in Burgas

The popular resort city of Burgas attracts European investors. They invest both in residential real estate and in commercial property. The city has great prospects for development. A gradual increase in property prices is forecasted. It is very profitable to invest in real estate with subsequent lease. The apartment brings the biggest profit in the summer months. But Burgas is also a student city, so students are potential tenants of Burgas real estate. Rental of real estate is a good passive income, and also the opportunity to relax on the shores of the Black Sea.

Apartment for rent Burgas and advantages of the city

You can easily get to Burgas. The international airport is located 10 km from the city. There are art galleries, museums and parks in Burgas. Mineral baths, spa complexes are available to every tourist. Fans of outdoor activities can go cycling to local lakes and enjoy the beauty of this area. Diving, water skiing, rent a scooter or a yacht can offer you on the beach. The best apartments for rent you can see and choose on our website
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