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apartments for rent golden sandsWonderful apartments for rent Golden Sands

How can you picture a holiday amid the gorgeous nature near the sea? Appealing picture, isn’t it? What will you say when we add various town entertainments, beach celebrations, nature parks, museums, festivals, and similar cool vacation ingredients to your holiday? We think you will have no objections. Golden Sands (the Bulgarian seaside town) offers exactly such a mix for a mind-blowing rest. Each of us is free to come and experience all these pleasantries in person. However, we will need to find some apartments for rent Golden Sands. Be sure to celebrate success because flats are as nice as the town.

What are apartments for rent Golden Sands?

Despite the size, the resort abounds in various residential properties in general and apartments in particular. They can be found in the newly built blocks of flats or belong to the secondary realty. What concerns rental offers, they usually come from owners but there are the ones offered by agents. Thus, people can come across cozy one-bedroom flats and nice bedsits. Some prefer longer two- and three-bedroom apartments. The most particular residents can enjoy living in exquisite accommodations of various types. It is worth noting that a person can rent a flat in this town in three ways – for a night, a week, or a month (and more). The type will be marked in an offer.

Variants of apartments for rent in Golden Sands

Depending on the season, the number of offers in this category varies together with prices. We would like to give you a few variants that are typical for this town. You can rent a two-bedroom flat for €75 as well as for €150 a night. Some offers of this type are prices more than €1,000 for a week. One-bedroom apartments can cost €790/month or, for instance, €310/week. You may enjoy renting boutique accommodation priced €150/night or a two-level penthouse that will cost you €740/week. At last, a three-bedroom flat can take more than €6000 from your pocket per week.

Select an apartment for rent Golden Sands

People usually come to this town expecting to spend a cool vacation and they get it. However, the town is attractive not only for holidaymakers but for far-sighted business people. Probably, you will want to stay there after the end of the rental period. Your dreams can be fulfilled in your own flat/house with the help of some commercial realty. But first things first. We wish you success with your rental flats searches and hope you will return to find some property for sale on
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