Apartments for sale Burgas, where the sun follows your steps
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Apartments for sale Burgas, where the sun follows your steps

Apartments for sale in BurgasHistorical details. Apartments for sale Burgas

The history of Burgas is tightly connected with ancient greek civilization. First settlements on this territory appeared more than 3 millenniums and a half years ago. Before the XX century it was very small town and there were just three thousands residents, but after a famous French firm built here a harbor, Burgas started its development as a big city. After 1960-s Burgas became one of the most popular touristic complexes and ranks the third place among the most flooded with people cities. Such a small  historical notation for those, who interested in apartments for sale Burgas.      

Cultural attractions, food and seashore. More reasons to buy apartments for sale Burgas

One of the main attractions in the city is a big Sea Park (yes, it is really huge, almost 7 km along the sea line) full of monuments of Bulgarian national heroes and famous persons. At summer an open-air theater opens inside the park. There are many offers of apartments for sale Burgas right near the park. Many old and even ancient churches with deep historical value attract the eyes, such as Cyril and Methodius church. There is also a fascinating testimony Acve Calide – ancient Thracian hillfort, must-visit for every citizen and every guest of Burgas.        

As bigger as higher comfort? Prices for apartments for sale in Burgas, part 1

In this chapter we wanted to open the veil of the most expensive apartments for sale in Burgas. Let’s start from the 2-room apartment with total area 72sqm in a luxury resident complex on the first cost line, 3-floor parking is also included. The apartment equipped with modern technique, so all this pleasure will cost you around 112.000 euro. Premier class 4-room apartment with an area 149 sqm and an amazing panoramic sea-view from the balcony, parking, and which is situated 5 minutes from the city center, costs 380.000 euro. Here is one more nice variant – 3-room apartment of 220 sqm, two huge bathrooms, fascinating exterior and two bonus parking places will take 376.000 euro.     

Part 2: The lowest prices for a nice apartment for sale Burgas

We discovered for you one side of the money-question, and here is an opposite side. So example 1: 1-room apartment around 44 sqm near a big “Atlantis beach”, with all necessary technique and mini-kitchen will cost 19.000 euro. The second variant it is a studio 30 sqm with a beautiful sea view and all the infrastructure of the big hotel complex availanle. For more info about apartment for sale Burgas visit our site or contact us in a case of interest
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