Advantages of apartments for sale Pamporovo and investments
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Advantages of apartments for sale Pamporovo and investments

apartments for sale pamporovoApartments for sale Pamporovo for rest

Pamporovo is the most cozy ski resort in Bulgaria. The big advantage of this European resort is cheap real estate. Many Europeans buy holiday apartments here and have the opportunity to spend their vacations here at any convenient time. There are many cheap apartments for sale Pamporovo on the property market.

Advantageous purchase and selection of cheap apartments for sale Pamporovo

Buying an apartment in Pamporovo is a profitable investment of your funds. The number of holidaymakers is increasing every year. Apartments for rent are in great demand. Cheap and elite apartments are well rent out and bring to the owner a good annual profit. Even a buyer with a small budget can buy real estate on credit. You can save up to 30% of the value of the property, when investing in a property is under construction. The cost of an apartment in Pamporovo is about 18,000 euros.

Selection of luxury apartments for sale in Pamporovo and other properties

Pamporovo is popular with the elite of Bulgaria. A large amount of snow and sunny days create favorable conditions for the recreation of skiers and snowboarders. Many vacationers rent elite apartments and penthouses with a view of the mountains. The cost of renting an elite apartment is about 50 euros per day. At the same time, renting a house is 60-80 euros, depending on the area. The resort of Pamporovo is developing, new routes are being built and different competitions are being held. Therefore, at this time it is very profitable to invest. You can invest in new residential complexes that are under construction or already in the finished property from the developer. Developers are interested in new customers, so they offer different options for installments. The cost of an apartment in an elite closed residential complex is from 50,000 euros.

Apartment for sale Pamporovo has a number of advantages

The most important advantage of buying an apartment is the price. Even elite real estate costs 2-3 times cheaper than at similar ski resorts in Europe. Own apartment - is not only an opportunity to relax at any convenient time of year, but also passive income throughout the year. Real estate is also well rented in summer. Tourists walk in the pedestrian trekking.  All the best options for apartments for sale in Pamporovo can be found on our website
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