Apartment in Cambridge in the city with one of the best universities in the world
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Apartment in Cambridge in the city with one of the best universities in the world

Apartments in CambridgeChoose apartments in Cambridge for study

Cambridge is a city located in the east of England in the county of Cambridgeshire. This city became known for its own university. Cambridge University is considered one of the best in the world. If you have the opportunity here to study, it is necessary to choose apartments in Cambridge.

There is a great demand for apartments In Cambridge

Why are so many tourists coming here? Cambridge became famous with incredible architecture. The best excursion is an excursion to the Cam River. Here everything smells of science. All the buildings of the university complex were built during the Middle Ages. The Gothic Chapel and the Baroque Senate House will give you an unforgettable experience. There are museums and churches in Cambridge. Some temples have survived from the 12th century and this is very impressive. The main inhabitants of Cambridge are students and teachers. 3.5 million of tourists visit this city every year.

Where to choose an apartment in Cambridge

Cambridge is a wonderful city for buying apartments. You can buy apartments in Cambridge both in a medieval building and in modern buildings. Buying apartments in Cambridge is very interesting and profitable for investors. The real estate market in Cambridge is in demand apartments with one and two bedrooms. These apartments are very comfortable for students. If you want to buy an apartment and spend here a weekend or holidays, then at other times the apartment can be rented from £ 100 per day by tourists or students. Newtown is the most prestigious quarter of Cambridge. Very high demand for apartments is in new buildings south of the center. Students choose apartments in Cambridge in the district Mill Road Chesterton, Arbury and Cherry Hinton are more accessible areas for the purchase of apartments in Cambridge. Cambridge Center belongs to the University. And this part of the city is pedestrian.

Have an apartment in Cambridge is very prestigious

Cambridge is a city that has preserved its history. In this city, you can feel like a king and queen. The buildings in Cambridge return to you during the Middle Ages. Have an apartment in Cambridge and learn at Cambridge University is very prestigious. Even if you will not live here, an apartment in Cambridge will bring you a permanent profit. There is always a great demand for apartments in Cambridge. A variety of options for apartments in Cambridge you can find on our website www.domaza.co.uk/apartments_in_cambridge/
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