Bansko home - this is a chic real estate at low prices
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Bansko home - this is a chic real estate at low prices

Home in BanskoComfortable conditions for recreation, developed infrastructure and cheap rental of Bansko home

Bansko is a modern modernized ski resort in Bulgaria that attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists a year, including Europeans. The biggest advantage of a rest in Bansko is the prices. Cheap property, cheap services, well-developed infrastructure and comfortable conditions for recreation are the advantages of Bansko. Tourists with large families and companies of friends prefer to rent Bansko home. The cost of renting a small house is about 50 euros per day and 200 euros per week.

Bansko home - is scarce property

Developers buy land and build modern residential complexes. This brings a big profit. But tourists like to relax in separate houses with a large area. A large demand and a small number of proposals generate a deficit of houses in Bansko. But at the same time, prices for such property are not raised.

Affordable prices of home Bansko

The house in Bansko can be bought from 60,000 euros in walking distance to the ski lifts. Stone houses with a modern interior cost from 120,000 euros. A luxury house with a large area on average costs 300,000 euros. It is this property is interesting for Europeans. Houses in Bansko are well rent out. And the income is 6-8% per annum of the value of the house. The house of Bansko opens many opportunities.

Advantages of owning home Bansko

A house in Bansko is an opportunity to relax at any time of the year. You can ride on 16 kilometers of ski slopes in winter. And you can explore the pedestrian mountain routes and enjoy the architectural dignity of this ancient city in summer. There are about 120 museums of houses in Bansko, where you can get acquainted with the traditions of Bulgaria and the art of painting and carving. Tourists can often ride horses or rent a bicycle and ride to the waterfalls. You can rent out your house and receive a passive income. Bansko combines the best conditions for recreation and the lowest European prices. All the best options for houses in Bansko are on our website
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