Bansko properties are in regular demand and is an advantageous way of placing your capital.
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Bansko properties are in regular demand and is an advantageous way of placing your capital.

Property in BanskoYou just did not know these facts about Bansko properties

Bansko properties is a unique opportunity, enjoying the beauty of the nature reserve, the romantic atmosphere of the old spa town. The city has an advantageous geographical position, regular transport links, many attractions and well-developed infrastructure that turn the tourist center into a real paradise working all year round. The main glory of Bansko is, of course, the mountains. Bansko has a very interesting location - in the basin, where there are three mountain ridges. Another 3 - 4 years old that in Bansko you can fully hold a ski vacation few of the Russians knew.

Bansko properties at any time of year

Fans of mountain skis and snowboarders choose Because of the great interest in buying real estate (apartments) in the area, many new residential complexes have been built in Bansko. But tourists are interested in the city not only in the winter. The average January temperatures in January in the mountains are about -10 C. And since the end of February the skier can easily be distinguished from any other tourist by the specific tan on his face. The sun at this time is already active and you can fully take sunbathing. Many old city houses are turned into galleries and restaurants today, as well as small family restaurants (furs). Nothing compares to the wonderful Bulgarian furs, its good food, dear hosts and stunningly low prices. The city really became a great place for leisurely cognitive walks.

The special atmosphere of property in Bansko

There are mountain bikes - 196 km of marked routes, quad bikes, fishing in wonderful, transparent mountain lakes - 176 lakes. The city offers an endless choice of both ready-made and newly built buildings. Over the past year, more than 300 new buildings have been built. The main street of Bansko with very subtle hints on the sidewalks, old houses and a lot of modern sports shops day and night is full of people. New construction offers higher quality and, of course, is sold at higher prices.

Variable quality and location of properties in Bansko

And about the affinity of languages is said and written already so much that will be held here by one simple mention. In Bansko, more than 130 architectural and historical monuments, visiting monasteries, wine tasting, etc. In nightclubs and discos you can enjoy your favorite music. In the evenings, you can relax in the numerous taverns and try national cuisine for dry local red wines. . If you are interested, you can find more information on our website
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