All your expectations fulfilled in one place – purchasing Bulgarian properties and enjoying new experiences
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All your expectations fulfilled in one place – purchasing Bulgarian properties and enjoying new experiences

Bulgarian PropertiesWhy do people choose buying Bulgarian properties?

Bulgaria is a picturesque country, situated in Europe. Its advantageous geographical location, dynamic economy and a well-developed infrastructure are becoming more and more popular for investors and tourists from all over the world. So, it's no wonder that owning Bulgarian properties will provide you with many benefits. Furthermore, such a profitable investment can also become your best travelling and recreational experience. Your dreams about the best place to live, rest and to take a vacation in would be fulfilled in one place.

Bulgarian properties – your home in a country, full of life 

People in Bulgaria get a chance to discover new places and try new exciting activities all year round. The reason of this fact is very simple: Bulgaruia is a country of diversity.  This wonderful place is famous both for its superb sunny beaches at the coastline and modern ski resorts. Vibrant and dynamic nightlife of big cities, such as Varna, Burgas and Plovdiv can be found side by side with peaceful spa resorts; picturesque nature landscapes stand in contrast to majestic ruins of ancient Roman cities. Every new day will bring unforgettable impressions for you!

Is it profitable to own Bulgarian property?

A very important benefit of the country is affordability and wide selection of apartments. Villas or penthouses at the coastline, studios in downtown of big cities, houses with gardens and land in green rural areas are offered at reasonable prices and by installments. This country has a stable economy and offers favorable terms for people, who want to obtain houses there. The place, where is Bulgaria located, is also very convenient, because it can give you opportunity to reach many destinations easily.

Bulgrian property – all opportunities are open!

We can fully understand why do the potential real estate owners need to make sure that a country can be convenient not only for travelling, but for living as well. Bulgaria, a place with a favorable climate and environmental situation, low prices, highly developed hospitality, customer service sphere and transport system can be considered to be a good place not only to come to, but to stay as well. Find out more about it on
TOP Properties
City / Community: Byala city

Available apartments: 4

from $55 375
to $111 114
City / Community: Sofia city

Available apartments: 5

from $2 422
to $187 153
City / Community: Golden Sands resort

Available apartments: 8

from $71 215
to $176 012
City / Community: Burgas city

Available apartments: 71

from $50 595
to $217 073
City / Community: Ravda village

Available apartments: 4

from $50 789
to $198 274
City / Community: Burgas city

Available apartments: 20

from $21 468
to $451 093
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