Burgas apartments are sure to make the most of your holidays!
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Burgas apartments are sure to make the most of your holidays!

Burgas apartmentsBurgas apartments together with the local destinations

Are you reckoning the days till holidays? You might be in fine fettle, but you cannot get past the idea where to spend these never-to-be-forgotten days you’ve been waiting for the whole year. There is a great diversity of getaways that makes your choice more difficult. We recommend that you should narrow down Burgas, the second largest city on the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast. Besides, it is surrounded by the Burgas Lakes what makes it a striking scene. This Bulgarian pearl offers to combine the useful with the pleasing since only here tourists can explore the past of the city while visiting various museums, galleries, exhibitions and at the same time have a rest at the local restaurants tasting traditional food eaten in the country, amble through the park or go clubbing. Another main aspect of your holidays is housing. In fact, Burgas apartments offers are comfortable and affordable for everyone.

Why choose Burgas apartments?

Burgas is one of the biggest cities in the country which is situated at the large Burgas Bay. During the 20th century this city developed rapidly and so far it is considered to be a thriving industrial and touring center. From the tourism perspective, this city boasts an ideal proximity to lakes and historical cities. This place attracts a lot of tourists because of the beauty of nature, diverse culture and peace. People often make their minds to acquire a property with a view of the natural resources. It is a nice place for a would-be property because this city is not so crowded in contrast to other Burgarian cities.

A vast array of apartments Burgas can boast

In respect to housing, here you can find any property to your taste. A sheer number of lodgings are scattered across Burgas. That’s why, you can choose from such budget choice as a small pad or a duplex house to a luxurious villa or a mansion. Seeing that Burgas is not as popular as other Bulgarian getaway destinations, the prices are much lower here. As an example, you can acquire a well-maintained 2-storey luxury house here only for € 114,000. So you can see that here you can find an appropriate housing for your taste and budget.

Best apartments Burgas can offer you!

Everyone is longing to buy a house, but most people believe that buying a house in Bulgaria is unreal due to the high prices. But now we want to talk you around. Burgas is a city with cheap property and beautiful surrounding. So you can fulfill your dreams and buy a housing here. Therefore, do not wait till tomorrow, buy a property with us now. Visit our website for more info www.domaza.co.uk/burgas_apartments/
TOP Properties

Available apartments: 89

from $88 453
to $199 782
City / Community: Elenite resort

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from $51 470
to $236 069
City / Community: Golden Sands resort

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from $74 211
to $413 124
City / Community: Sofia city

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from $2 434
to $16 596
City / Community: Ravda village

Available apartments: 9

from $51 043
to $199 265
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