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Burgas PropertiesThings you need to know about the city before purchasing Burgas properties

If you are interested in real estate in Bulgaria for permanent residence with the opportunity to give a good education to children, then Burgas suits you perfectly. One of the largest cities of the country is located on the Black Sea coast between two lakes. Among the arguments in favor of the decision to buy property in Burgas families with children there is the presence of the huge Marine Park, stretching for 7 km along the coast. If you want to live near the sea with your family, you should definitely think about getting Burgas properties.

High demand on Burgas properties

In recent years, significant growth is observed in all segments of the property in Burgas, but the greatest interest among buyers is caused by commercial premises. Offices, warehouses and premises for trading activity are growing in price at an impressive high rate. The demand for apartments in Burgas is also growing: the population of the city is increasing, and the flow of those, coming here for business or for permanent residence, is also not weakening. The latter are interested in the resort areas: houses in Burgas, located near the spa resort, for a couple of years have grown in price several times.

Top reasons why you should have property in Burgas

Burgas is the largest city in South-Eastern Bulgaria, the economic, cultural, administrative and transport center of the region. It is rich in historical and architectural sights. Advantages of local real estate include:
  • Proximity to the sea, the ability to quickly reach the beach by public transport from anywhere in the city;
  • Developed social and cultural infrastructure;
  • Wide opportunities, both for leisure and business.
The city is constantly developing and improving itself, new residential projects are being built and developers are actively selling apartments in Burgas.

Price ranges for properties in Burgas

The cost of housing depends on the location, area, number of rooms and a number of other factors. An apartment with 92 square meter will cost you around 35 thousand Euros, while a townhouse with 2 bedrooms and close to the sea can be purchased for 50 thousand Euros. If you are willing to have your own housing in Burgas, check the following link: http://www.domaza.co.uk/burgas_properties/
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