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Cheap Bulgarian properties: the best market prices

Cheap Bulgarian propertiesCheap Bulgarian properties for any taste!

Bulgaria is not merely a worldwide famous vacation destination, but also a popular realty market in Europe. People tend to spend their vacation or buy a housing here due to the fact that prices at local market are reasonable. Besides, the richness of the country can’t but attract. Those who have fallen in love with place understand that it is impossible to explore this place in full in a week or a month. That’s why they make a decision to get a housing here in order to plunge into this country, explore every corner, figure out a history, try unique cuisine and enjoy a vibrant atmosphere. Once you visit this place, you won’t be able to go away from here. Cheap Bulgarian properties are always at your disposal.

Cheap Bulgarian properties in the mountains

People purchase housing in the mountains for different purposes. Some buy it for themselves, for some it is a sound investment since a lot of tourists come here on winter holidays and you can earn some money by renting a house. What’s more, realty in the mountains is very suitable for practicing winter sports such as skiing, admire the beauty of nature. As an example, the popular winter resort Bansko has an influx of tourists every year and is situated next to the big city. In terms of housing, various cottages, villas, houses are different by price range, so you can choose what is suitable for you most of all.

Coastal cheap bulgarian property

Despite the great popularity of the mountain realty, housing near the sea has been always in demand. Foreigners tend to get a house with a sea view or very close to the beach because the sea is at hand here, and they can earn some money by letting. They can enjoy clean air and splendid landscapes. Numerous villas, penthouses, cottages are running the length of the coastline, so you can choose any at your convenience.

Cheap bulgarian property is waiting for a new owner!

It is definitely a marvelous place where everything is created so that the holidaymaker or an investor feels as comfortable as possible. You’ll have an unforgettable vacation here: you’ll make new friends, experience diverse culture, make a lot of photos and become an owner a new home. Don’t waste time while searching for a new housing, visit our website and we’ll help you
TOP Properties
City / Community: Sunny Beach

Available apartments: 100

from $25 321
to $215 776
City / Community: Byala city

Available apartments: 5

from $49 990
to $193 212
City / Community: Sunny Beach

from $47 180
City / Community: Ravda village

Available apartments: 4

from $50 789
to $198 274
City / Community: Burgas city

Available apartments: 71

from $50 595
to $217 073
City / Community: Sofia city

Available apartments: 8

from $11 009
to $252 106
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