Useful information about Golden Sands real estate
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Useful information about Golden Sands real estate

Golden Sands real estateYour life will change with Golden Sands real estate

Get ready for the dazzling beauty, the astonishing variety of the natural world, the breathtaking holiday atmosphere, and much more when you are in Golden Sands. This almost fairy-tale town lies on the coast in the northern part of Bulgaria. Any vacation here will be cool. But can you picture living there? You are free to dream about this paradise place or you can start looking for Golden Sands real estate right now.

Choose among Golden Sands real estate

Despite the size of this town, Golden Sands meet everyone with the shine and feel of some great city. Cozy streets, numerous restaurants, nightclubs, etc. are at your disposal as well as nice hotels, recreation zones, and properties that can become your home. You will be surprised to see so many apartments with three, two, and one bedroom, studio flats, houses of various types, villas, penthouses, and so on. Apart from this, the chances are great (and very appealing) you will find some commercial realty in the town. A local restaurant, hotel or club can change your life and become a source of enrichment. All this means that this picturesque spot suits not only holidaymakers but also people with business intentions.

Prices for real estate Golden Sands

The so-called visit levels of the town are at their highest for a long time. This is the good news, but how about property prices? There is no lack of the exquisite and designer accommodations in the town that are extremely pricey. On the other hand, the great plus of this place is that there is still possible to come across a budget variant. Let us provide you with a few variants. A bedsit can be priced €38,000, give or take. A nice one-bedroom apartment price can be €44,000. Two-bedroom flats are more expensive (€72,000, for example) as well as three-bedroom ones (€170,000, for instance). Life in a penthouse is an attractive offer that can become a reality for €123,000 and higher. People are frequently looking for a house. You can spend €220,000 or €395,000 for a two-storey house or a holiday home respectively. To conclude, a few words about other realty variants. You can purchase a hotel that can cost €575,000 or a coffee bar, for example, for €80,000.

Real estate in Golden Sands is waiting

 Reasons why people desire to settle in this town can be various. Our purpose is to find a variant that will suit you and meet all your expectations. Something tells us we will succeed. You will not find a better place to fulfill your realty-connected dreams. Accept our invitation and continue your searches of properties on
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