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Houses for sale in Bulgaria

Houses for sale in BulgariaWe can say that Bulgaria offers very acceptable options for a buyer of houses for sale Bulgaria, which has any budget

Prices for houses for sale Bulgaria have a very wide range. In the vicinity of seaside cities such as: Varna or Burgas, the price per one square meter of housing can range from 400 to 2 000 euros, depending on the distance from the sea and the city, the quality of construction and other factors. On average, the price of 1 square meter of a new residential building in the vicinity of Varna is 400-600 euros, and the price of 1 square meter of an apartment in the city center or apartments in the area of ​​world resorts is from 700 to 1500 euros. In Bulgaria, tourists come, first of all, relax on beach resorts or ride on puddles at ski resorts. However, in this ancient country with a beautiful nature, tourists should definitely see its sights.

Houses for sale Bulgaria are considered today as a good option for investment and family recreation

Bulgarian culture, formed for hundreds of years in a constant threat of the disappearance of the nation, acquired a peculiar combat character. Heroes of a huge number of wonderful folk songs are performed by guards or young men (young men, warriors) who win the enemies in their melodious folk songs. By the water of the Bulgarian peasantry, this often suffered from drought, a special, respectful attitude. Throughout the country you can meet Czech - stone buildings over the sources, often decorated with carvings. The unique geographical location, low taxes, political and economic stability, the absence of racial and religious conflicts, the hospitality and hospitality of the indigenous population are all the indisputable advantages of this Bulgaria.

Houses for sale in Bulgaria are currently offered by a large number of agencies or Bulgarian developers

Bulgaria is a very favorable country for living, and few will argue with this. The rural economy and tourism are very difficult to spoil the environment. At the insistence of the European Union, the Bulgarians closed their only nuclear power plant three years ago - there was less electricity, and the risk of an ecological catastrophe was reduced to zero. It's funny, but in every Bulgarian city or village you will be told that the air here is the most unique and most useful for health jokes, but the average life expectancy of Bulgarians is approaching 80 years. Houses for sale in Bulgaria are currently offered by a large number of agencies or Bulgarian developers.

Bulgaria offers very acceptable options for a buyer of house for sale Bulgaria with any budget

Natural and climatic, cultural and historical resources, the purity of sandy beaches allow creating a perfect environment for recreation and living in a number of resort areas. The Bulgarian and Russian languages belong to a single Slavic group of languages and have many common or similar phrases in sound. So, you can always easily understand the essence of any conversation. In the days of socialism, Russian was the second mandatory language in schools, and Bulgarians over 30 years speak it perfectly. Autumn in Bulgaria is the most beautiful time of the year. Forests overflow with a huge variety of magnificent colors. The coast is empty. This time of year is especially loved by those who prefer a quiet, measured rest. The markets are full of fresh vegetables and fruits. The nights are getting cool, and the day is still warm and the sun is shining. For more information on our website
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