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Nessebar ApartmentsAbout the city if you are after investing in Nessebar apartments

Nessebar is an old town, actually one of the ancient towns in the world and one of the main coastal resorts on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast, located in the province of Burgas. Often referred to as the "Pearl of the Black Sea", Nessebar is rich in more than three thousand years of ever-changing history. The site of Nessebar, built on a rocky peninsula in the Black Sea, which makes it one of the best choices for investing in Bulgaria, as you can purchase your accommodation Nessebar apartments with a very cheap price.

Why you should invest in Nessebar apartments

Apartments in Nessebar are very relaxing and beautiful, and you can get yourself a nice apartment with a very cheap price. It’s going to be a charming place to enjoy your time in quite nice city. That is considered cheap for living at the same time contains beautiful sea that makes Nessebar one of the best options for a good investment. Nessebar is really near to a lot of charming resorts that surround the city and make it one of the favorite choices for many tourists.

Many benefits you should get from apartments Nessebar

From the ancient city of Nesebar to the popular beach resort, the Sunny Beach is a 10-minute drive away. The new city of Nessebar has many hotels, shops, restaurants, bars and a beautiful beach. The old city of Nessebar is a small area, located on the peninsula and connected to the new city. Here you can find remains of the Roman walls, a hidden castle and narrow cobblestone streets with the traditional Bulgarian wooden houses. You will also find many churches there, and the oldest Church of St. Sophia dating back to the fifth century.

Price range for apartments Nessebar

In Nessebar you can find an apartment with a nice view and first line beach–front location at the Black Sea for only € 45,000. However, if the apartment is closer to sea and on the first floor, it can cost up to € 858,000. Furnished 2-bedroom apartments, located the heart of Nessebar, 600m away from the beach can be purchased for € 29,500. This kind of property is located on the top 7th floor, serviced by a lift. If you are willing to purchase an apartment in Nessebar, check the following link:

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