Buying Nessebar real estate allows you to visit Bulgaria freely
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Buying Nessebar real estate allows you to visit Bulgaria freely

Nessebar real estateFabulously beautiful town offers high-quality Nessebar real estate

Among other things, Nessebar attracts not only tourists - the frequent incursions into Nessebar and those who have bought their own Nessebar real estate or only supposed to do so. The most frequent purchases are Nessebar Apartments, as well as Nessebar Apartments - living in them is always comfortable, and during their absence, owners prefer to rent apartments and other objects. And you need to pay tribute to them - the earnings are so stable that you can feel protected.

Nessebar real estate is an excellent choice for those who want a house on the Black Sea coast

In Nessebar, excellent conditions for living: tourists usually settle in old houses of past centuries, having all modern conveniences. And the question where to eat and drink is solved even easier: in the city at every step is full of restaurants, cafes, taverns, often offering dishes from fisheries freshly delivered by fishermen. Also, to buy real estate in Bulgaria by the sea is inexpensive - it's real, because the villas and cottages in this country, the average price is much less than in Europe. The local population is well received by Russians; therefore, housing in Bulgaria by the sea is an excellent choice for those who want a house on the Black Sea coast.

The average price on the real estate Nessebar is much less than in Europe

Local beaches have enough developed infrastructure, including team games, riding a water motorcycle. If you want, you can rent a yacht or try windsurfing. On any street of Nessebar, local houses are very colorful: a spacious wooden second floor, which is erected on the stone foundation of the first floor. Numerous shops with products for sale by local artisans and craftsmen, cafes and artists complement the romantic atmosphere of the city.

Remarkably beautiful are the old real estate in Nessebar

Today Nessebar offers its guests a harmonious blend of rich past and rapidly developing present. Nessebar is a city-museum. It has more than 40 medieval churches of varying degrees of preservation. Remarkably beautiful are the old Nessebar houses in the style of national revival - spacious wooden houses on a massive stone base and external staircases, hanging arrows, under which the fishermen's catch is dried. The second floor, as a rule, protrudes above narrow streets, running down to the sea. For more information on our website
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