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Orba PropertiesThings you need to know about the area before purchasing Orba properties

Orba is a small town in the province of Alicante, which covers a total area of 17.73 square kilometers. It is a typical town located on the plain, where 320 sunny days a year and a friendly population create a special atmosphere. Nearby there are sandy beaches marked with the "Blue Flag" quality sign, mountains and the plain "Jalón". The city is engaged in agriculture, mainly growing citrus monoculture, and in some places almonds, carob trees and olives are also cultivated. If you are willing to live in this sunny town, you should definitely think about purchasing Orba properties.

Top reasons why you should purchase Orba properties

  • The length of the beach is 20 km. Here you can sunbathe, swim and practice water sports. There are equipped areas for people with disabilities.
  • Excellent bars and restaurants.
  • Beautiful landscapes of the valley "Jalón", where you can enjoy the views of cascades and, perhaps, see the flight of the golden eagle.
  • Here you will find activities for all tastes.
  • Relatively cheap prices for real estate.
  • The convenient location of the city in relation to Alicante airport (70 kilometers) will allow you to live in a secluded place, but not lose the opportunity to travel around the world or return to the main place of residence.

Specificity of properties in Orba

There are various penthouses and apartments in the city. Tourists can book one, two or three rooms with all the amenities and services according to their needs. You will definitely appreciate the service if you were there at least once. All people, who come to Orba, enjoy ultra-thin technologies and convenience in the apartments. And what is even more important is that cost of rent or purchase of real estate is not that high comparing to other Spanish towns.

Price ranges for properties in Orba

Many properties in this village have a private pool and a beautiful terrace. Here it is quite actual, as 320 days a year are sunny and wonderful for outdoor recreation and swimming in the pool. A cozy apartment with 100 square meters can be purchased for 40 – 65 thousand Euros, depending on offered facilities and proximity to the town center. Chalet will cost you from 100 up to 150 thousand Euros, while a nice village house can be bought just for 60 thousand Euros. If you are willing to enjoy the summer all year round and get your own property in Orba, check the following link: https://www.domaza.co.uk/orba_properties/
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