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Plovdiv apartmentsThings you need to know about the city before purchasing Plovdiv apartments

Plovdiv is one of the most ancient cities not only in Bulgaria, but in the whole Europe. It is a contemporary of Troy and is more ancient than Rome, Athens and Constantinople. With its rich history and centuries-old cultural heritage, Plovdiv has established itself as an attractive cultural and historical center. In Plovdiv there are several museums, theaters and numerous art galleries, in the city center you can find studios of artists and woodcarvers. If you want to live in the historical city, you should definitely think about purchasing Plovdiv apartments.

Top reasons why you should get Plovdiv apartments

  • Wonderful climate: the weather is exceptionally pleasant for most of the year. Most often the summer is hot and almost without rain.
  • Excellent cuisine: Bulgarian vegetables, fruits, cheeses are unrivaled to taste!
  • The lowest taxes in Europe: the property tax is only 10 %. And if you resell one residential property per year, you do not need any tax on the profit from resale.
  • The lowest prices for food and consumer goods in Europe! Bulgaria remains the cheapest country in the Old World.
  • Real estate in Bulgaria is a winning investment, and now it is even more profitable to buy! Do not miss this great opportunity.

High demand on apartments Plovdiv

Choosing the ideal place for living in Bulgaria, many people are increasingly opting for Plovdiv. Plovdiv real estate is now in high demand among foreign buyers. Despite the recession or economic recovery in many countries, Bulgaria remains a very stable state with positive development dynamics. Transactions with real estate, where foreign buyers come from the buyer's side, are increasingly being made. Given the fact that the metropolis is inferior only to Sofia in its parameters, and the number of those who want to buy property in the city is constantly increasing, it is not surprising that the sale of real estate in Plovdiv is very active.

Price ranges for apartments Plovdiv

One bedroom apartments cost around 20 thousand Euros, while a fully equipped apartment with two bedrooms and a total area of 100 square meters can be purchased for 60 thousand Euros. Last year, property prices in the area of the city fell, and in some cases, the decrease amounted to 50%. This means that now you can buy your own house, apartment or land in a picturesque area of the city at a very reasonable price. If you are willing to have your own housing in Plovdiv, check the following link:
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