Considering a property for sale Sozopol
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Considering a property for sale Sozopol

Property for sale SozopolAll the ways lead to Bulgaria. New property for sale Sozopol

Sozopol was founded on a small demi-island two steps from the Black Sea and near one more city, old and  interesting place for tourists – Burgas. Bulgarian soft climate and it’s oldness and ancient culture makes Sozopol very popular for visitors even in winter. Many attractions and testimonies of Turkish and Greek cultures remained in Sozopol museums since those historically special times, few centuries ago.  So a question to look for a property for sale Sozopol or not - it is just your decision, but we highly recommend to try.     

How much time do you need to find a suitable property for sale Sozopol? One day! 

For many people it’s a pure surprise, that a property in such a historically famous place in Bulgaria is quite acceptable and can cost not really much. After 2012 there were built many new hotels and founded many nice restaurants specially for tourists, which number increases year by year. Anyway, there are plenty advertisements of apartments and houses for sale and for rent as well. So when we mean that you need just one day for finding a suitable property for sale Sozopol, we know what we are talking about.      

Let’s talk about prices for the property for sale in Sozopol 


The average cost of a purchased apartment in Sozopol is € 600 per sqm, while prices start from € 500 per sqm and reach a level of € 1600-1800 per sqm on the best resorts of the southern Black Sea coast.

So, observing some variants we found a nice studio for 20.000$ - 38.000$ (depends on area)  in a residential complex with a big swimming pool near it, 3-room apartment with total area 107 sqm will cost near 80.000$. Average price for the nice or luxury house also with a swimming pool will take from 80.000$ - 250.000$. So property for sale in Sozopol – it’s a reality which satisfies every taste. 

Look for more information about property for sale in Sozopol

Whatever you decided to do, whether to buy a flat or a house, your future property will fill with the new memories.  And Sozopol is a good place for building a new life and gaining a new experience.  Ancient mysteries and modern comfort of this city make this city a perfect place for living, being two steps from the sea, having a good possibility to spend every weekend on the beach or fishing, or observing nice places near the city. Check new offers of a property for sale in Sozopol and our site for more information, if you need it.
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