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San Pol de Mar PropertiesThings you need to know about the resort before purchasing San Pol de Mar properties

Sant Pol de Mar is 47 km away from Barcelona's capital Catalonia. The resort is rapidly developing tourism, but even so, it managed to maintain the unique atmosphere of a truly Catalan settlement. San Pol de Mar was famous in the late nineteenth century as an elite Mediterranean resort that attracted artists not only from Spanish provinces, but artists and other masters from all over the world. If you are willing to live in this unique place, you should definitely think about purchasing San Pol de Mar properties.

Top reasons why you should purchase San Pol de Mar properties

Numerous architectural monuments and amazing ancient buildings embody the richest history of the city. For example, the Torre Martina square tower was built of stones that remained at the site of the once powerful Roman settlement of El Farell, which is located in neighborhood. The whole city line goes in parallel with the chic sandy beaches. Winding, narrow city streets are decorated with small shops, cozy bars, street cafes and restaurants that offer traditional Spanish dishes. By the way, San Pol de Mar restaurants have wonderful desserts prepared from fresh strawberries.

High demand on properties in San Pol de Mar

Recently, many people are buying houses and offices abroad for the purpose of investing, as it can give not only the opportunity to have a second house near the sea, but also a substantial income. Purchase of real estate in San Pol de Mar can offer affordable prices even on elite property, low taxes and utility bills, and quick registration of housing. Primary and secondary housing in San Pol de Mar is sold with a cosmetic repair, and the kitchen is equipped with modern appliances. Moreover, all houses for sale are fully or partially furnished.

Price ranges for properties in San Pol de Mar

A 4-bedroom apartment with 150 square meters on the first line of the sea can be purchased for 300 thousand Euros, while a house with a plot and 300 square meters can be bought for 700 thousand Euros. You can also get a huge villa with 900 square meters, 6 bedrooms and its own swimming pool for 1 million Euros. If you are willing to purchase your own property in San Pol de Mar, check the following link:
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