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Sitges PropertiesThings you need to know about the area before purchasing Sitges properties

Sitges was a quiet fishing village with a church on the beach. Today it is one of the most popular cities on Costa Garraf, famous for its delightful landscapes, developed infrastructure, high standard of living and excellent ecology. Despite the fact that the city managed to keep all the charm of the Catalan village, life here all year round beams: all kinds of carnivals, festivals and other holidays are held. If you want to live near a large city and have constant access to its shops and entertainment facilities, but at the same time dream of a calm, measured life, you should definitely buy Sitges properties.

Top reasons why you should purchase Sitges properties

Shops of fashion brands, day and night entertainment, proximity to Barcelona, professional golf clubs and picturesque marinas make Sitges an incredibly popular resort for travelers with a wide variety of interests, as well as a fairly expensive place to relax. In Sitges compared to the neighboring resorts there are more sunny days (the sun shines here about 300 days a year). The average daily air temperature varies between + 26-28 ° C, humidity is low. All this makes Sitges an excellent place for a beach holiday.

High demand on properties in Sitges

Costs of square meters of residential and commercial property in Sitges is growing every year. This growth was not affected by the global economic crisis, nor by the notorious fluctuations in the exchange rates. The Costa del Garraf is known in Spain as the most fashionable, which is understandable, because the capital is only 20 km away from Barcelona, but no less important, on the other hand, the airport is 20 km away. And this leaves its imprint on the nature of the property in the town and its value.

Price ranges for properties in Sitges

If an elite apartment is nearby, say, with apartments of eminent politicians or film stars, then the price per square meter can start from 12 thousand Euros. Foreigners willingly buy private apartments worth between 300-500 thousand Euros, as well as small villas on the coast at a price of up to a million Euros. The most affordable in terms of rates is an area of Los Molinos city, and here you can find a small apartment with 1 or 3 bedrooms at a price of around 4 thousand Euros per square meter. If you are willing to purchase properties in Sitges, check the following link:
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