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Sofia is the capital of Bulgaria and the largest city in the country. The real estate market in Sofia is very diverse and accounts for a high number of transactions for the acquisition of property in Bulgaria. Sofia is one of the few European capitals, which for a long time keeps the palm of the first place in terms of the number of purchased housing. A wide range of prices and a variety of types of real estate offered have turned the capital into a desirable place for investment. Having your own Sofia home, you can be sure that your rest will not be hindered.

Commercial Sofia home

Commercial real estate in Sofia is also in high demand. The main argument in favor of the acquisition of property in this city is very affordable prices for houses. Even respectable villas in the best and green areas of the city are much cheaper than similar offers in any other European cities. The property in the Bulgarian capital provides an excellent opportunity to conduct a rental business, especially if you get housing in Sofia. In the city, as in any capital, there are a lot of visitors who need to rent properties during their holidays. And if you get not one house, but many, it will increase your profit.

Home Sofia as a profitable investment

Property is steadily growing in price, as the city is actively built up by new developments, new residential complexes and neighborhoods, and its investment attractiveness is growing. Thus, buying a house in Sofia, it is likely that in a couple of years you will be able to sell it at a more favorable price. As you can see, an apartment or a villa can be an excellent object for investment. All you need to do is to competently approach a choice of the property object.

Rising real estate prices for home Sofia

After the onset of the global financial crisis in 2008-2009, a wave of sharp decline in property prices affected the Bulgarian market. Prices in the resort areas have remained at about the same level and even slightly lower, but in Sofia the market has stabilized and has gone up. If before the price for a square meter was 700 Euros, now it reaches 1000 Euros. If you are willing to have your own house in Sofia, check the following link:
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