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Place for active rest and for work Sofia house

Sofia HouseWhy Sofia house is so attractive for customers?

Housing market of Sofia is very unique, because only there is large demand on big squire’s apartments and offices. There are a lot of foreigners and students, so rental market is very developed. Most luxury Sofia house is in Lozenets, Strelbische, Ivan Vazov, Simeonovo, Boyana, Dragalevtsi. The city has a lot of foreign companies, diplomatic missions, embassies and headquarters of major Bulgarian and international companies. This is the only region in the country with a constantly growing population. Therefore, the rent is quite high and all those who are considering buying property for investment will choose the capital as the most successful place.

Prices for Sofia house

Houses in Sofia cost €1000 for m2. Big new one can be bought for €500-800 thousands for 4-5 rooms with small yard besides it, where it is place for pool. Two floors with footer, garage. Two bathrooms and view to mountains.  Those houses can be 15-20 km from Sofia. It can have 6 % profit per a year. If you prefer flats in the center, prepare to pay €800-1000 for squire meter. New apartments with two, three, or four bedrooms can be acquired for 90-150 thousands euro, if it will be 20-25 minutes from the center. Directly in the heart of capital prices are 200-350 thousands and goes to eternity, depends on class of building. Flats can have 7% profit.

Search a place for buying house? Sofia is for you

It is so ancient as Athens. Both of them are the oldest in Europe. First it was under Greek culture, then Roman and Thracian, after that Ottoman yoke. Thanks to it, now it colorful diversity of traditions, a lot of historical monuments, antic buildings and museums. Total number of them is 250 artifacts. Despite the abundance of the ruins of various Byzantine buildings and Muslim mosques, evidences of the long and varied history of Sofia, the city has not lost its greatness over time.

Lead dynamic life in Sofia. House Sofia for those, who always work

Since ancient times, Sofia is famous for its many cold and thermal mineral springs with various medicinal properties. The areas adjacent to Sofia are famous for the beauty of their nature. Silence and charm of Vitosha Mountain create ideal conditions for summer picnics and walks or for skiing in winter (the most famous is the Aleko sports center). Picturesque villages located at the foot of the mountain are just a few minutes away by tram or bus from the center of the bustling capital. Search propositions here:
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