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Sozopol PropertiesThings you need to know about the city before getting Sozopol properties

If you want to buy property in Bulgaria, Sozopol might be the best choice, as it has a rich historical past, ancient architecture, sandy beaches and well-developed infrastructure. This small town is divided by a beautiful park into old and new parts and has a special spirit of romance, which is confirmed by the reviews of tourists. A hospitable town in Bulgaria on the Black Sea coast is an ideal place for a seasonal holiday or permanent residence. If you are willing to live in the paradise, you should definitely think about getting Sozopol properties.

Top reasons why you should purchase Sozopol properties

The resort is located near the border of Turkey. Thanks to the geographical position, the season lasts from the beginning of June until the end of October. Even November pleases holidaymakers with warm and joyful days. This circumstance opens wide opportunities for obtaining additional income from the apartment: a lot of tourists, who annually visit Sozopol, need to rent apartments. Of course, the mild climatic conditions favorably affect vacation of not only tourists, but also owners of residential real estate.

High demand on property in Sozopol

Purchase of real estate in Sozopol is sought by representatives of such creative professions as writers, artists and actors. This amazing city beckons with its unique atmosphere of the life’s incessant celebration. Sozopol is rightfully considered one of the national cultural centers of Bulgaria. There are a lot of various festivals, concerts and other events here. Sozopol is a good opportunity for year-round recreation with the family and a good investment in Bulgarian real estate.

Price ranges for properties in Sozopol

For those, who want to buy a property, Sozopol provides a wide range of prices for housing. Today the cost per square meter starts from 500 Euros and depends on the area, distance to the sea and infrastructure of the complex. Here you can buy a studio with a sea view for 18 000 Euros, as well as luxury apartments for 100 000 Euros on the first line of the sea. A new house in a guarded complex with the seaview will cost 160 000 - 200 000 Euros. If you want to have your own housing in this Bulgarian resort, check the following link:
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