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Student Property Investment Still Hot in 2017

Buy-to-let investors have long sought property in places where student numbers are high. Students tend to flock to these same areas year-on-year, assuring a high number of enquiries for the property when placed on the market.

As an investor, it’s likely you’ve been offered student accommodation at some point. With guaranteed interest and attractive rental yields, it’s certainly a venture worth considering. However, as with any property investment, there are potential hazards to look out for.

Student Accommodation

In the UK, there are around 2.3 million students at university during term time. And as we all know, many of them are relaxed over their accommodation as long as campus buildings, basic amenities, nightlife hotspots and transport links are close by.

Because of this, even relatively inexpensive housing will attract high tenant numbers and produce impressive yields if in prime areas. Furthermore, unlike some other sectors of the property market, student accommodation will always remain in demand.

Potential Problems

The bad reputation of British students can tend to put some prospective buyers off. In some cases, with students left to their own devices, properties can fall into disrepair and collecting rent can even be tricky at times.

However, the facts don’t back up this misguided preconception, proven by the substantial and long-standing profits of student landlords across the UK.

For those still concerned, the most effective way to alleviate these fears is by investing in purpose-built student accommodation (PBSA) through a regulated estate agent. This means there’s no more worry over a faulty boiler, leaking taps or broken microwave – everything is managed on your behalf.

study completed last year by estate agents Savills’ shows that the market witnessed activity worth £5.6 billion in 2015.

This is largely because students are becoming more attracted to the secure yet accessible nature of PBSA buildings, incorporating private bathrooms, large communal areas, high-speed broadband and even gyms in some cases.

Prime Locations

As with all property investments, location is key. Look for universities with large student populations and which areas they tend to congregate in. As an example, Leeds University students tend to flock towards the Woodhouse district with its fantastic transport links, local amenities and array of drinking establishments.

Another tip is to look for universities with a high ratio of international students; statistically, they’re more likely to be wealthy and move into PBSA property. The weaker pound post-Brexit is expected to attract more foreign students to the UK in 2017.

One good establishment in this regard is Edinburgh University which comprises of around 10,000 foreign students. Consider investing in the purpose-built Braefoot House, based in the Newington area, which is located only a short distance from the science campus.

Further Advice

Many property investors are turning to managed student halls due to the hands-off nature and low cash requirements. With high rental yields of around 7%-10%, sometimes guaranteed up to five years, along with a substantial demand year-on-year, it’s worth looking into for budding investors.

With any outlay of this size, you should evaluate the long-term benefits and plan an effective exit strategy. If looking at purpose-built student accommodation, arrange a meeting with the property developers before committing to an investment.

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