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An option for everyone – Sunny Beach real estate

Sunny Beach real estateProperty in an amazing place with Sunny Beach real estate

What thoughts will occur in your head when you hear or read the words ‘sunny’ and ‘beach’. We bet the associations are the most pleasant ones filled with the mesmerizing views, cocktails, fun, and happiness. What do you think about getting a new link with these words? We are speaking about you imagining yourself living in a wonderful Bulgarian town near the sea called Sunny Beach. This place can prove your previous lovely associations as well as create great more others. Let us examine Sunny Beach real estate more thoroughly.

 Sunny Beach real estate for you and me

Exclusively positive adjectives and those of the superlative degree come to mind in the connection with this vacation spot. Its streets are flooded by tourists but there are lucky people who reside there all the time. Sunny Beach is the perfect spot created for people who adore summer. The infrastructure is good here, the weather is not troubling, and the sea breeze is blowing all the year round. What else will you need? The information about available properties in the worn, of course. Inviting one- and two+ storey houses, villas, penthouse apartments, maisonettes, one-bedroom flats, townhouses, studios, etc. are waiting for you. Their location is obviously the greatest bonus, but they possess lots of other features necessary for good accommodations.  We would like to stress the presence of other property types in the town. We mean properties, not for living but those for doing business. Imagine the benefits of owning a café, a shop, a restaurant, and so on in Sunny Beach. This work can not only become the source of income but the true pleasure.

A cost of real estate Sunny Beach

You have already estimated the choice of realty in the town. To foster your decisiveness and present the various properties in more detail, we offer you to consider a few variants with concrete figures. The prices are surprisingly moderate here and you can buy, for example, a villa for €99,000. There are no problems connected with the low-cost apartments and house. On the other hand, if money plays no key role, the choice will be wider. A two-storey house overlooking the sea can be yours for €80,000. An offer of a flat with three bedrooms for €65,000 is the good one. An exquisite house with a swimming pool for €270,000 is the deal. You can also purchase a restaurant for €245,000, a shop for €99,000 or, for example, an office for €26,000. There is no lack of such variants.

Discover real estate in Sunny Beach

First-class, comfortable, affordable, and just nice. All kinds of properties are waiting for those who want to settle in Sunny Beach. All the collected realty offers, their descriptions, prices, etc. are here to persuade you and make your intentions invincible. Do this important step and choose properties on
TOP Properties
City / Community: Elenite resort

Available apartments: 11

from $53 829
to $57 599
City / Community: Sunny Beach

from $47 429
City / Community: Byala city

Available apartments: 5

from $50 253
to $194 230
City / Community: Sozopol city

Available apartments: 11

from $57 690
to $94 565
City / Community: Golden Sands resort

Available apartments: 119

from $74 231
to $413 236
City / Community: Sunny Beach

Available apartments: 6

from $48 950
to $77 182
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