Features of Varna rentals and the cost
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Features of Varna rentals and the cost

Varna rentalsVarna rentals for a better holiday at a low price

The cost of renting a property in Varna is the main advantage of a holiday in this Bulgarian resort. A large city with a centuries-old history is attractive for foreign tourists. You can rent an apartment from 200 euros per month. There are many varieties of Varna rentals. The cost depends on the area and quality of the property. Modern real estate, cheap services and entertainment make the holiday in Varna comfortable for foreigners.

Luxury Varna rentals

There are many modern closed residential complexes in Varna. Here you will find several swimming pools, a parking place, restaurants, shops and beauty salons. The convenient location always has close access to the sea. Rental property in such complexes is from 400 euros per month. The apartment with several bedrooms can be rented from 600 euros per month. The cost of renting penthouses is about 800 euros per month. Luxury villas with their own access to the sea are in great demand. At the moment, many modern houses are being built for recreation.

Daily Varna rentals and investing

Bulgarians often come to Varna for the weekend. In recent years, foreigners also often come for several days. They rent apartments with picturesque views or luxury villas with their own access to the sea. Minimum rental prices allow you to rent high quality apartments and enjoy the rest. The cost of renting an apartment studio starts from 20 euros per day. Luxury apartments in the first line from the sea cost from 50 euros per day. The house with a pool and a place for a barbecue costs from 60 euros per day. Daily rental brings the greatest profit to the owner. Therefore, foreign investors often buy elite real estate and have the opportunity to rest here at any time of the year.

Varna rentals and buying real estate

Many tourists are considering a property in Varna for permanent holiday. Although the rental of real estate is quite low, but the price increase is forecasted. Buying a property in Varna is a profitable investment. Varna can become not only a place of rest, but also a place of permanent residence. All real estate options in Varna are on our website http://www.domaza.co.uk/varna_rentals/
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