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An average budget - what kind of property can I buy and where?
When you start looking for a property in a particular country the key criteria is the client's budget. What do we call an average budget and what can you buy for it? We made a research based on Domazа.com offers to give you real examples.

Countries popular among the investors with the average budgets

The most popular among affordable countries are Bulgaria, Greece and Turkey and they keep their positions for several years already. Another country on the list is Spain. All those countries offer various types of property, but still, it's easier to find a cheap and good apartment there then, for example, in Austria, where the prices are high and you will have to make efforts to find an offer appropriate to your budget.

-Best Sellers in real estate are Bulgaria, Greece and Turkey
-You can also find an appropriate offer in Spain and even in Austria.

Comparative prices of "average budget" property

The prices of affordable housing and commercial space in the aforesaid countries are about the same. The difference is how prestigious the place is.
One-bedroom apartment in Bulgaria, Greece or Turkey will cost you about 50 000 euros, whereas in Spain for the same price you can buy the same type of real estate but outskirts or in the suburb. As for Austria, you can get an apartment for 60 000 euros in a cosy and small resort.

Bulgaria, Bourgas, 50 000 €, 63.4 m2

Sea view

-The budget of 50-60 thousand euros is quite real
-The difference is not only at price but also in the importance of the regions

The purpose of the investment

Your purpose defines your choice - what is the reason you are buying a real estate? If you are thinking about permanent residence you better choose a big city to have more opportunities for business and give a better education for your kids - Bulgaria, Turkey, Greece.
To get the most yield we would advise you to invest in the real estate in the resorts of Austria or Spain.

- For permanent residence choose big cities.
- For business investments choose small resorts

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