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Best Nessebar properties for sale

Nessebar PropertiesNessebar properties for lovers of art, families with children and youth

Nessebar is a one from the oldest cities not only in Bulgaria, but also in Europe. Old architectural buildings are combined with new modern buildings. Tourists come not only for the sake of beach rest in this city. Numerous museums and buildings of architecture attract tens of thousands of tourists a year. But all the same, beach rest is the main reason for the trip to Nessebar. Clean beaches and mild climate are one of the advantages of recreation in this resort. Nessebar properties have attractive prices for tourists.

Features of the market of Nessebar properties

There are many different options available for rent. The most popular property among holidaymakers is studio apartments and one bedroom apartments. The cost of rent is from 20 euros per day and 200 euros per month. A small holiday home can be rented from 40 euro per day and 350 euros per month. Despite the fact that Nessebar is a very popular place for people to buy, the cost of real estate here is quite low. Apartments in modern residential complexes with their own infrastructure are in great demand among buyers.

The cost of property in Nessebar in the primary market

Many developers in Nessebar are interested in new buyers, so the value of Nessebar property is one of the lowest in Bulgaria. Studio apartment costs from 15000 euros without furniture. Even such an apartment can be bought in installments. The developer offers different options for paying an apartment during the year. One-bedroom apartment costs from 22000 euros. Luxury apartments cost from 100000 euros. Buying a property in Golden Sands is an excellent investment opportunity for a small budget

Investing in properties in Nessebar

Nessebar has a good infrastructure and a variety of entertainment for every taste. Therefore, a diverse contingent of vacationers comes here. Cheap entertainments appeal to young people. Here you can rent a scooter and even a yacht. The most popular entertainment is diving. A large number of tourists and cheap property make Nessebar an advantageous place to invest. The profit from rent brings about 7% to the owner of the real estate. The most advantageous real estate offers in Nessebar you can see on our website
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