Property for sale Nessebar attracts lovers of history
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Property for sale Nessebar attracts lovers of history

Property for sale NessebarLive in the Pearl of the Black Sea with a property for sale Nessebar

Located in Burgas province, Bulgaria, Nessebar is an ancient seaport town. The city itself is like a museum with more than 3000 years of changing history. This, along with its proximity to various tourist destinations makes a property for sale Nessebar an enticing prospect for many.

Live in history with a property for sale in Nessebar

Living in Nessebar will be a dream for many archaeologists and history buffs. The city is separated by an isthmus which runs along the centre with the ancient part on the peninsula and the newer part on the mainland. The older part of the town is filled with relics from the last three millennia by a variety of different civilisations. The city has quite often found itself to be on the frontier of a threatened empire and this has filled it with a rich history. The sheer number of buildings of historic value in the city has made UNESCO include Nessebar in its list of World Heritage Sites. A property here will be a godsend for one who appreciates and respects history.

Maintain a property for sale in Nessebar and enjoy many getaway spots

Nessebar is quite a tourist destination and is close to various famous beach resorts which have sprung up along the Black Sea coast over the years. In fact, the resort town of Sunny Beach which is just north of the city has many beaches to be enjoyed. The town of Burgas, which is a nature lover’s paradise,  is also within easy distance of the city. Enjoy the wetlands and bird watch to your heart’s content here. Buy a place in Nessebar and enjoy many small vacations through the year.

A property for sale in Nessebar: an ideal place for the holidays

The small historical town of Nessebar attracts many tourists either longing to take in its history and culture, or wanting an easy base from where to travel to other tourist destinations along the Black Sea coast. A place in Nessebar would be best to get away with family and friends of similar interests. Get your own getaway property in Nessebar on the website
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