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Sofia PropertiesThings you need to know about the city before purchasing Sofia properties

Sofia is the capital of Bulgaria, the oldest city in Europe. "It grows, but it does not get old" - it is written on the city emblem. Indeed, this city experienced both prosperity and decline. Sofia is situated at the crossroads of the most important routes that connect Europe with the Middle East, in the center of the Balkan Peninsula. Today the capital of Bulgaria is a modern city with lots of shopping and business centers, attractions and wonderful places for recreation. If you are willing to live in a prosperous city, you should definitely think about getting Sofia properties.

Top reasons why you should get your own Sofia properties

Due to the fact that the city is located at the foot of the mountains, the property in Sofia often has a beautiful panoramic view. Practically from anywhere in the capital you can see peaks of the Stara Planina and Rodopi mountain ranges. Sofia is 22 km away from the popular ski center Aleko and 6 km away from the Vitosha National Park. Today the capital of Bulgaria is a large industrial center. There are new modern shopping centers and shops, restaurants and hotels. Cultural and historical monuments are being restored.

Unique market of property in Sofia

The real estate market in Sofia is the most unique in the country due to the demand for large spaces and residential areas: whether it is an apartment, a house or an office. The most prestigious areas are in the center: Lozenets, Strelbishte, Ivan Vazov, Simeonovo, Boyana and Dragalevtsi. This is the only region in the country with a constantly growing population. Therefore, the rent is quite high in Sofia and all those who are considering buying property solely for investment will choose the capital of Bulgaria as the most successful place.

Properties in Sofia as investment

The greatest interest for investments is represented by commercial real estate in Sofia - it is quite expensive now and will continue to rise in price in the future. Buying apartments in Sofia is also an attractive investment idea. Such apartments never remain without tenants, as the city lives a very active business life. If you are willing to have your own real estate in Sofia, check the following link:
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