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Varna real estateThings you need to know about the city before purchasing Varna real estate

Varna is the third largest city in Bulgaria after Sofia and Plovdiv city and the largest port of the country, at the same time being one of the most famous resorts of the Bulgarian coast.In terms of the number of requests for the purchase of housing, Varna is the leader among the Bulgarian regions.An important factor is the opportunity to buy property in Varna inexpensively. Thanks to the extremely developed bus service in Bulgaria, you can also get from Varna to any part of the country. If you are willing to live in one of the largest cities of Bulgaria, you should definitely think about getting Varna real estate.

Top reasons why you should get Varna real estate

The property in Varna is relatively expensive, but if you compare its price range with European resorts of a similar climatic location, you can be pleasantly surprised. Purchase of housing in Varna will help you to move to this warm place and rent out real estate or expect the income from a significant increase in its value in the future.The small size of Varna, the long holiday season, mild winters and Slavic hospitality make Varna an ideal place for all people, who appreciate peace, comfort and harmonious, measured life.

Specificity of real estate Varna

The sale of real estate in Varna is quite active in both the primary and secondary markets. You will find many suggestions for every taste and purse. If you are interested in new housing in Varna, you can save considerable money by purchasing an apartment in a newly built residential complex. Buying a second home in Varna will also cost you less than a new home in Varna, which is completely ready for occupancy. Buying an apartment in the primary market, you can often choose the details of the decoration and layout, however, secondary housing in Varna also has certain advantages such as a more favorable location, for example.

Price ranges for real estate in Varna

The most popular among foreign buyers of real estate are the districts of Vasil Levski, Breeze, Chaika and Greek Quarter. In the vicinity of Varna, there is a demand for real estate in Vinnitsa, Thrace and St. Nicolas. Depending on the area, house prices start at 750 Euros per a square meter in the primary market and from 600 Euros - on the secondary market. If you are willing to purchase real estate in Varna, check the following link:
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