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Apartments in Golden sandsLiving on the Golden Sands apartments

If you like to walk barefoot on the sand, enjoying the pleasing eye with a blue water surface and inhaling fresh sea air, do not like the exhausting heat, you should buy Golden Sands apartments. New buildings are much more popular now. Usually it is a low-rise (up to 6 floors) brick-monolithic house, offering a variety of layouts (from small studios to luxury penthouses) and the degree of completion (with "rough" finish, with turnkey finishing or furniture). Apartments usually consist of living rooms, a separate kitchen or kitchen, combined with a living room, a bathroom (one or several), a hallway and a terrace.

Tax on the purchase of Golden Sands apartments is paid once when buying real estate

Unique resources for the development of the medical direction of tourism were presented to this place by nature itself. There are all the factors that contribute to the restoration of health. This is a mild climate, warm sea waves, and the virgin purity of a huge natural park, and natural springs of mineral water, and saline estuaries, and healing mud. Tax on the purchase of real estate is paid once when buying real estate. The amount of tax depends on the area where you buy real estate, or rather from the decision of the community in this area. The taxable base for firms is the book value of real estate, for individuals - the price of real estate, determined by the territorial tax service. The tax rate is the same for both individuals and legal entities, and is set annually at the beginning of the year.

Apartments Golden Sands this is ideal place for people of any age

They constantly monitor the state of the environment: the coastal zone of the sea, the beach, and the cleanliness of forests and the preservation of centuries-old trees. Picturesque nature, warm sea and chic sandy beaches meet you at the resort of Golden Sands, where you can not only luxuriate under the sun, but also find entertainment for every taste. This place is ideal for people of any age, for lovers of both active and quiet, relaxing holidays. For the youth: numerous bars, discos, beach atmosphere of entertainment, a large selection of inexpensive hotels attract young people from many countries. With the coming of night in Golden Sands, an endless music fiesta begins.

Picturesque nature, warm sea and chic sandy beaches meet you at the apartments Golden Sands

Given its geographical location, it was prudent to build the entire tourist infrastructure on the magnificent Black Sea coast! It is this coast, many vacationers prefer. Even if you can go on vacation to one of the largest and oldest resort complexes in other European cities, knowledgeable tourists will choose their choice on the beaches of Golden Sands. Here vigilantly monitor the state of the environment: the coastal zone of the sea, the beach, the cleanliness of forests and the preservation of centuries-old patriarch trees. For more information on our website
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