Houses in Veliko Tarnovo for living and vacations
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Houses in Veliko Tarnovo for living and vacations

Houses in Veliko TarnovoHouses in Veliko Tarnovo for tourists

Veliko Tarnovo is a historical town with centuries-old history and the most picturesque nature of Bulgaria. The city is in the mountains, which are covered by green forests. Old houses with red roofs in the old town attract the attention of tourists. Guests of the city, in order to get acquainted with the history, rent old houses. The cost of renting houses in Veliko Tarnovo is from 30 euros per day. The city is always full of tourists due to its beauty and hospitality.

Choose a House Veliko Tarnovo for living

Veliko Tarnovo is a very beautiful city in the mountains. Through the city flows the river Yantra. This city is suitable for year-round living. A good infrastructure allows you to quickly reach Varna or Sofia. Thanks to the popularity of the city, the number of people increases, new modern houses and residential complexes are being built, and old houses are being restored. Houses in Veliko Tarnovo are in great demand among buyers. The cost of a new modern house with a good repair is from 50,000 euros. There are many more affordable house options.

Cheap houses in Veliko Tarnovo

The real estate market of Veliko Tarnovo has very affordable options. Old houses that require repairs with a small piece of land cost from 10,000 euros. The house with 2 bedrooms in good condition costs from 35000 euros. Veliko Tarnovo is constantly developing, modern recreation bases are being built, so own property can become a profitable investment.

Investing in houses in Veliko Tarnovo

The picturesque combination of the river and the mountains attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists a year. Veliko Tarnovo is a large student and research center.  Veliko Tyrnovsky University named after St Cyril and Methodius is one of the best universities in Bulgaria.  Therefore, the city's population increases every year for several thousand students who come to study. This city attracts many investors. Investors buy modern houses for subsequent rent. Foreigners and Bulgarians often buy houses in Veliko Tarnovo for recreation and then rent out their property. You can see all the properties in Veliko Tarnovo on the website
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