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Property for sale in Sunny Beach

Property for sale in Sunny BeachThings you need to know about the resort before getting property for sale Sunny Beach

Sunny Beach is one of the largest and most famous resorts on the Black Sea coast of Bulgaria. Formally, this settlement is part of the Nessebar community and is directly adjacent to the New Town of Nessebar. Nowadays, those who re-visit Sunny Beach after a long break are amazed by the scale of the changes - the buildings of socialist times are concentrated mainly in the central, older part of the resort, and to the north and south of Sunny Beach, modern glass and concrete buildings have grown. If you are willing to live in a big and modern resort, you should definitely think about getting property for sale Sunny Beach.

Property for sale Sunny Beach as a profitable investment

For those who are attracted by Bulgaria and its real estate, Sunny Beach is a very profitable place for investment. Real estate here is traditionally a very popular investment among Russian and foreign investors. Despite the relatively high prices for both housing and services, food, investors are counting on the popularity of the resort, the steady growth in prices for properties in Sunny Beach and its high demand among tenants and excellent infrastructure. Compared with other resorts, apartments in Sunny Beach are still priced cheaper.

Specificity of property for sale in Sunny Beach

The real estate of Sunny Beach is presented by apartments in residential complexes, mostly multi-storey. Separate houses, townhouses and cottages next to the sea are practically not built because of the high cost of land. Cottage villages are located in the nearest suburbs of Sunny Beach at a distance of 2-5 km from the beach.

Price ranges of property for sale in Sunny Beach

Apartments in Sunny Beach can be bought with a modest budget. The cost of real estate starts from € 20-25 thousand, which is actually inexpensive by Bulgarian standards. With a budget of € 35-50 thousand you can buy real estate suitable for family living or for renting. According to realtors, the payback of a decent facility is about 3-4%. The season lasts for half a year in Bulgaria, so winter housing will not be in demand - only in summer and in the "velvet season". If you are willing to have your own real estate in Sunny Beach, check the following link:
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