Choosing the right Sunny Beach properties for a holiday
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Choosing the right Sunny Beach properties for a holiday

Sunny Beach PropertiesSunny Beach properties for a luxury holiday

Sunny Beach is one of the largest and most famous Black Sea resorts. Soft climate, clean sandy beaches, gently sloping entrance makes this place ideal for relaxing with children. The Stara Planina Mountains provide sunny days. The resort of Sunny Beach is constantly expanding, new modern residential and hotel complexes are being built. There is entertainment for every taste in this resort: yachting, water skiing, hang-gliding, parachute jumping, diving and many others. Sunny Beach properties are also diverse. Most tourists rent real estate for living during the rest

Sunny Beach properties for rent

Studio apartments in the first line from the sea - this is the cheap and most popular property among tourists. The cost of rent on the coast is from 25 euros per day. The cost of renting an apartment may be less, but quality of the property will be worse. Holidaymakers come to Sunny Beach for an extended period of time; therefore they rent real estate mainly for a month. The cost of renting an apartment studio is from 150 euros per month. In the first line from the sea, the cost increases to 250 euro a month. Rent luxury apartments increases to 500 euros per month. But even such a rental price is several times lower than in Greece or Spain.

Prices for the purchase of property in Sunny Beach

Thanks to the popularity of the resort Sunny Beach and the large number of offers, the real estate market has a lot of attractive options. The cost of studio apartment is from 15000 euros. This is the lowest price on the Black Sea coast of Bulgaria. The quality of the property is at a high level. Most of the property is sold with the necessary furniture. The residential complexes have a swimming pool and good infrastructure. Such real estate is ideal for recreation and investment.

Investing in properties in Sunny Beach

Thanks to high demand and low prices, the real estate market is suitable for investment. Many investors buy hotels. The cost of small hotels ranges from 200,000 euros. The house is also an attractive property for investment. The cost of the new townhouse is from 45,000 euros. Luxury villa costs from 130,000 euros. You can find the right property on our website
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