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Sofia apartmentsThings you need to know about the city before purchasing Sofia apartments

Sofia is the oldest city in Europe, and the main attractions are parks, temples, ancient buildings and historical monuments. Walking in the streets, you will certainly find something interesting, worthy of your attention. The main park of the city is the Vitosha National Park. Vitosha at first sight enchants and evokes the most tremulous feelings, and climbing its summit on the cable car, many tourists even intercept the spirit. If you are willing to live in the old historical city, you should definitely think about getting one of Sofia apartments.

Top reasons why you should get Sofia apartments

Modern Sofia - a European city - is the cultural scientific and political center of modern Bulgaria, in which at every step you can come across evidence of a long and diverse history of the city. In Sofia there is a sufficient number of first-class hotels, a lot of various eateries, small restaurants offering dishes of national cuisine, pizzerias, bistros, etc.  Moreover, Sofia has very convenient and successful location, attracting investors from all over the world, so buying property in Sofia, as in any capital, will be your profitable investment.

Specificity of apartments Sofia

You can buy an apartment in almost any area of ​​the city - whether residential or commercial. A wide range of prices and a variety of types of real estate offered have turned the capital into a desirable place for investment. The stability of the real estate market is due to the increased interest of buyers who are looking for apartments and commercial properties in the most attractive areas of the capital. However, the secondary market offers not the best options, often shabby properties. If the solution of such questions is not included in your plans, then it makes sense to pay attention to newly built houses.

Apartments Sofia from the builder

As in many European cities, it is very profitable to acquire property in Sofia during the construction phase. If you decided to buy housing in this way, please contact the company, which is ready to provide you with legal support for the transaction. The apartment in Sofia, paid for during the construction phase, will be a particularly profitable acquisition, as the prices in the elite real estate market grow here along with the number of offers. Now, purchase of apartments and villas, located near the golf centers is especially popular. If you are willing to have your own apartment in Sofia, check the following link:
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