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Sozopol Real EstateSozopol real estate. Exceptional cultural treasure on the East

Imagine you are standing on the edge of the rock and you see how many Greek miletian ships moor to empty land. Two thousands and six hundred years ago this happened, the establishment of Sozopol or as greeks called this land for the first time – Apollonia. 2100 years ago Apollonia was ruined and reborn as a city of salvation – Sozopolis. Two different parts – ancient and modern, UNESKO takes care of the architectural inheritance of Sozopol and in a modern part developers make more Sozopol real estate places for customers who appreciate the beauty and special aura of this city.                   

Laws, conditions and unofficial Bulgarian rules. Buying Sozopol real estate

As every country Bulgaria adhere to tax legislation, however it is much softer than in most countries of old lady Europe, for example in Netherlands it’s usually over than 45%, so Bulgarian 10%  sounds like heaven. For average 2-room apartments electricity (the most expansive bill, costs over 300 euro per year), water (estimates as the cheapest, around 15 euro per year) calculate simply. Living expenses usually don’t look deterrent too. Being a sociable person, having a dinner in a restaurant sometimes or a beer in a comfy bar with friends after work won’t make you feel down-and-outer to the end of the month. Cause usually 300-400 euro it’s enough for spending 1 month in Bulgaria. Sozopol real estate is profitable.     

Prices for real estate Sozopol

As you already have seen, Bulgaria and in our case especially Sozopol is not really expensive. Prepare 18.000 euro for a 25-30 sqm 1-room apartment near the sea. Moderate requests of 2-room apartment estimates surprisingly cheep  - 44 thousands euro for 69 sqm of total area. If you want to calculate approximately how much do you need for your purchase, note that the price per sqm wary from 600 to 800 euro in newly built residential complexes. Real estate Sozopol won’t demand much money, but gives you comfort and satisfaction.        

Being landlord of real estate in Sozopol

If you are reading this article and especially this chapter, you already decided and compared your financial ability with our overview. You still may need professional help or advice so don’t hesitate to visit our site  and rely on our professional skills and years of successful work with real estate in Sozopol.
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