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Varna is a fairly large city, but this does not deprive it of the typical charm of the southern resort. Cozy streets, pedestrian promenade, sandy beaches and fresh juicy fruits - all this things make Varna properties attractive for customers. There is everything for lovers of antiquities and excursions - ancient architecture, museums and monuments, a royal estate and a large cathedral. Those who want to improve their health and gain strength, it is worth to visit the local sanatoriums - water from the mineral springs and mud of Varna Lake will make you feel better. Special attention should be paid to the cuisine - traditional Bulgarian dishes and seafood dishes.

Discover diverseness of entertainment in Varna. Properties for those who love adventures es

Young people here are attracted by bars and discos with a variety of music and democratic prices. At night, the beaches of Varna are transformed, and the fun does not cease until the morning. In the vicinity of Varna is an interesting natural attraction - the Stone Forest.  It was formed solely by the action of natural forces. Researchers have not been able to pinpoint the cause of the appearance of rocks. Some scientists believe that these are fossilized trunks of ancient trees, while others believe that the stones are unique stalagmites, whose age is more than 50 million years.

Beautiful nature near the big city – contrast property in Varna

Travelers should take a walk along the nature reserve of Langoz. This reserve is located along the banks of the river Kamchiya, in the warm season, vacationers are offered boat excursions, and along the banks of the river you can ride a jeep or walk on foot. During the excursion visitors of the reserve will be able to see rare species of waterfowl, and admire rare water plants. On the territory of the reserve there is a camping site, so everyone can stay in these picturesque places for a few days. Every day for tourists are organized excursions to the Varna lake with the ruins of the ancient basilica. Here are archaeological excavations, saving collections of gold and silver items, sculptures and tombstones.

Properties in Varna are not so expensive as you think

Houses and apartments in Varna cost €700-€800.For those big cities it is not very high prices. Varna is third on the size in the country after Sofia and Plovdiv. There are on sale flats, private houses and offices. To see detailed list click on the link:
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